A trail of kindness

In Matthew chapter ten we eavesdrop on the discipleship training school. Before Jesus sends out his twelve apprentices, he outlines what they can expect and how to respond. He gives them authority to act in God’s power to restore the broken and heal the sick. Jesus warns that there may be trouble, even within families, but he encourages them to pursue the mission and to begin with the ‘lost sheep of Israel’. Then he says some interesting things about hospitality. The custom of the time was to offer hospitality to travellers and to keep them safe from those who might want to harm them. Jesus them to be humble and gracious guests and not to keep changing households looking for better lodgings.

Travellers from our society usually plan an itinerary and book ahead, and the journey becomes a series of commercial transactions. Even ‘grey nomads’ who dream of being on the road in their retirement can find themselves ‘keeping the schedule’ rather than being free to explore the landscape and engage with the locals. Hospitality offered and received provides a space where conversations about life and faith naturally happen. Exercising a gift of hospitality enables the mission of God!

Grace and peace, Kaye.