Investing our gifts

This past few weeks we have been reading the letter to the Ephesians. The first three chapters are about what God has done for us and the next three chapters are about how we should live and act in response to God’s work of creating a beautiful world and establishing the Kingdom of God and the Body of Christ to carry on the work which Jesus began.

Several young people have been meeting on Monday afternoons to learn about the church and their place in it. Each of them has read through Mark’s Gospel to discover “Who Jesus is” and “What he has done.” We have discussed Church history, prayer, worship and the distinctive features of the Uniting Church. Together we explored how the Uniting Church was formed and we looked at the importance of the Bible and the Basis of Union for the founding members.

In the Uniting Church, leadership and decision making are shared between male and female, lay and clergy, young and old, Indigenous Australians and people from multi-cultural congregations. People just like us serve on the committees and councils of the wider church. In taking up their confirmation these young people will confirm the promises that their parents made for them in their baptism and promise to live as faithful disciples of Jesus. They choose to invest the gifts that God has given them in building up the life of their local Uniting Church and being part of God’s mission wherever it takes them in life.

Rev Kaye