Lent a time to slow down and focus.

Mark does not mince words when he announces that Jesus was Baptised in the Jordan river by his relative, John. Right away, God’s Spirit drove Jesus into the desert where he was tempted by the evil one. Mark sets a galloping pace, in a hurry to write about the ministry of Jesus in Galilee and the journey to Jerusalem and the cross.

On the first Sunday in Lent we need to be reminded to slow down and focus on the way and not just the destination. Take some time during the next six weeks to read the Bible and pray. Read one of the Gospels slowly from beginning to end. Savour the flavour, imagine yourself in the story and enjoy the conversations and the surprises.

Contemplate the words of this poem written by Ruth Burgess a member of the Iona Community in Scotland.
Marked by the Cross
Marked, by a cross, cherished and forgiven we are travelling home.
Called to be holy, called to be happy we are travelling home.
Across deserts, over mountains we are travelling home.
God in our hearts, God in our lives we are travelling home.