Pancakes and ash

Tuesday is Pancake Tuesday!

That means we are almost in the season of Lent. The six weeks leading up to Easter have traditionally been a period of reflection and lament for the church. We think about our wrong attitudes and the ways that we sin in thought, word and deed and we seek a closer walk with God.

Pancake Tuesday came about because in some churches Lent is a period of austerity and all rich foods and extravagances are forbidden. The rich ingredients in the larder are made into pancakes and the syrup and jam and cream is all used up. That is why some people refer to it as fat Tuesday or mardi gras! Then we rise up early the next day to gather for worship on Ash Wednesday. The ash is rubbed on the forehead or the forearm as a sign of repentance.

In the Uniting Church there is a chance to give to projects that help the poorest people in the world. In this way our Lenten sacrifices have a spiritual benefit for us and a practical benefit for people in need.
Grace and peace,