Feeling a bit blue this Christmas?

Feeling a bit blue this Christmas?

For people who have had a bereavement, Christmas can be a difficult time of the year.

At 7pm on Thursday 14 December, the Stanthorpe Uniting Church will host a simple service to help people who may feel that they just cannot get into the mood of Christmas because someone from their circle has died. It is a chance for people who have been dealing with loss and grief to take some time out from the flurry of the Christmas season to attend to the deep feelings of mourning.

Rev Kaye Ronalds will give a short reflection and there will be some gentle music for contemplation and remembering. Some folk may like to light a candle in memory of a loved one. The service will take about half an hour with supper to follow for those who wish to stay.

Christmas is a time when loved ones who are no longer with us are missed even when it has been many years.

This event is open to all members of the community.
For inquiries please call Rev Kaye Ronalds on (07) 4681 2173.